Tips to Remember Upon Receiving Your Rug

Never pull rugs by the border.

Rugs may be rolled face in or face out depending on border application.
Rugs with hand sewn mitered corners are rolled face in to reduce stress on the miter.

Like any textile, roll up and shipping may cause borders to wrinkle.
After unwrapping, and allowing to relax, carefully iron the border with medium heat and no steam. Adjust heat as needed. Do not iron leather, suede, or jute braid borders.

Newly opened rugs with latex backing may have the scent of ammonia.
This will dissipate within 24-48 hours.

Raise beater bar on vacuum cleaners so they do not or barely touch the surface of natural fiber rugs

Never use steam or wet shampoo cleaning methods.

Rug dimensions are within 1/2″ of the exact dimension requested.
We hold a 1/2″  tolerance when cutting natural fiber rugs. The dimension requested may be +/- 1/2″.

Natural fibers are for indoor use only
Natural fibers should be used in low moisture, well ventilated areas of the home.

Residential use
All products are recommended for residential use only.

Never pull heavy furniture across a natural fiber rug, especially across the border as this may pull the border away from the rug material.


Natural fiber area rugs can be used in most areas of the home. We recommend a common sense approach to using in suitable locations.
For instance:

  • Infants may not enjoy crawling on the some of the boucle’ (nubby) patterns of vegetable fibers such as sisal.
  • In homes with small children, our wool and wool blends are a good mix of design, durability and stain resistance.
  • We see sisal applied on stairs but maintain that plant fibers may become slick and should be carefully considered.  We recommend our wool products for stair applications.
  • If numerous spills occur at your kitchen table, you may want to reconsider this as a suitable location for a natural fiber rug.
  • Bathrooms may not be suitable locations due to moisture.
  • In high traffic areas use a more durable natural fiber such as sisal or wool.
  • Big rooms need big rugs. We offer 16’4” wide materials.

Sourcing our Materials

At Natural Rugs, we have an uncompromising belief that natural, sustainable fibers make the absolute best rugs. We use only the highest quality natural materials sourced from carefully selected, responsible growers and farmers.

Unique, Natural Charm

Due to the natural occurring inconsistencies in our materials, you may notice slight irregularities in your rug.  Below we’ve listed characteristics common to natural fiber rugs. These irregularities are not mistakes, but part of  the unique character of each piece. They do not undermine the quality, durability or longevity of the product.


Fibers which are tied off during the manufacturing process. Some irregularity in the ribs may be noticed.


Some fibers, such as hand woven jute, are short fibers. During handling, they sprout. Clipping sprouts is recommended.

Variation in Loop Size

Woven Carpets made of natural fibers may have some irregularity in the yarns, which can create the appearance of a variance in loop size (warp or weft yarns). Variations of either thick or thinner yarns within 50% of normal are allowed.

Jumping Ribs

Rugs will be cut as square as possible, and may require ‘jumping ribs’. This is not a border application error.

Shedding of Loose Fibers

A natural result of the process used to create carpets and rugs. When a rug is produced, it goes through a combing process, which helps remove short and broken fibers. However, some of these fibers fall onto the surface of the pile and appear as “fluff”. The effect can vary depending on material type.

Irregularity in the Ribs

Some will be closer together, some farther apart.

Pattern Ribs

Ribs of a pattern can be horizontal or vertical due to the size of the rug or material. In some areas, backing may not extend to the edges of the rug to achieve an exact size.

Slight Bowing

Industry standard allows for up to a 2% bowing on our natural fiber broadloom carpet and bordered area rugs. Due to construction and the nature of the fiber, the following collections have bowing tolerances over 2% and require customer approval before shipping: Kamini or Vitani.

Slightly out of Square

Rugs can be slightly out of square due to the natural imperfections of the roll.

Color Changes

All natural fibers eventually return to their original colors. Bleached products darken over time, and colored fibers fade. Avoid direct sunlight to maintain the color of your rug.

Color variance

Showroom samples may not match current inventory. Roll differences are more significant with natural fibers than with synthetic ones. Material from different rolls seldom turn out to be exactly the same color.


Striation or color variance lines are normal in all natural fiber carpet and rugs because color variances occur naturally in nature.

Foreign Yarns

Contamination can occur when fibers from previous production find their way into the current yarn. This is due to the nature of the fiber, collection process, and weaving process. Foreign yarn is common in all natural fiber products.

Expansion and Contraction

The hydroscopic nature of natural fibers means that they adjust to environmental conditions. They’re constantly moving! If broadloom (wall-to-wall) floor covering is purchased, it should be loose-laid for 24 hours in the room in which it will be installed, and at the temperature it will typically experience. This will let the fibers get used to their new surroundings. Customers often try to install carpeting as soon as they get it, only to find that they have to tell the installer to come back 24 hours later. To help avoid this situation, please review The Carpet and Rug Institute web site at for a comprehensive view of most issues concerning carpet installation.

Our Latex Backing

A note about Latex Backing… Natural latex is commonly utilized as a carpet backing with excellent performance. The increased popularity of wood floors with new types of finishes or sealants, as well as certain cleaning agents have been shown to react with latex.  These new introductions may affect the performance of  latex backing, including causing the latex to stick to the floor, discolor, or crumble. It is impossible to know how latex may react to the many new substances it can come in contact with. We recommend a rug pad or attached backing as a protective measure for your floors. Natural Rugs cannot be responsible for the performance of wood floors which react to latex.


Special instructions for wall-to-wall orders. The instructions will be placed inside every roll. Click here to view the instructions.