Starting at $559.00

Artemisia, a contemporary string of pearls. Soft wool loops align with glistening sisal to form a glamorous combination in a natural area rug.


Starting at $368.00

There is a playful spirit in every loop of the Delphinus scroll, making this contemporary sisal area rug the perfect choice for clients who seek a fresh, quirky style solution.


Starting at $766.00

A modern luxury, Freya’s pattern is an art piece, breathing contemporary style into every room.


Starting at $368.00

Living your best life, Jazz is there.  It’s at once familiar and new.  It’s a bold but easy  lifestyle.  100% Sisal, 100% Natural, Hypo-allergenic, Anti-Static, Sustainable.  Good for you.


Starting at $513.00

This jute/sisal blend is a beautiful, hand woven natural rug with loads of personality. Kamini’s  jute braids make a big impression in any room providing a kick of modern style.


Starting at $536.00

Perfectly able to anchor home furnishings or stand alone – Show off your impeccably creative style with our 100% Wool Lorenzo area rug.


Starting at $375.00

Lucca is as comfortable as it is lovely. This 100% pure wool rug features a beautiful two-tone high/low loop.  Simple in form, Lucca complements any decor.


Starting at $658.00

With its bold, 12 inch chevron pattern and tone on tone color, Maracay is a great choice for the modern family home. Witness the perfect blend of wool matte and sisal sheen in this love letter to stylish, contemporary rugs.


Starting at $536.00

You might imagine Pinnacle in a boutique hotel… but home is where this gorgeous, all natural area rug shines.


Starting at $444.00

A distinct showcase of handwoven, chunky jute, Sarayu embraces a design choice that is raw, organic, and full of personality.


Starting at $559.00

Extraordinarily modern, our Sarova Collection features a gorgeous hand-spun chevron pattern. Sarova – artistically woven of Sisal and Wool.


Starting at $559.00

This luxurious natural fiber area rug features soft loops of wool interwoven with sisal in a grid pattern.


Starting at $285.80

Theravada is a stunning example of fashion forward luxury sisal and the highest modern craftsmanship.


Starting at $414.10

Bold and luxurious, Treviso is the most highly sought after natural area rug design in the industry.


Starting at $455.50

Decisively modern, Vitani  is a favorite among design professionals. It’s hip, fresh, and edgy, without sacrificing the high quality standards of Natural Rugs.

Wicklow Pass

Starting at $286.22

Wicklow Pass will change the way you see your home.  Simple spaces become focal points. Collected furnishings pop with new character. You feel better just looking at it.