Rugs: Defining home and the way we live.

For centuries, rugs have done more than simply tie a room together. They gave context to human life. They told stories, provided comfort; they were perfected, passed on, generation to generation, each rug a reflection of craft, style, and, most of all, a reflection of culture.

At Natural Rugs, we embrace the beauty, culture, and complexity of today’s modern rug. Our carefully curated collection, made exclusively with 100% natural products, is a love letter to the craft and tradition of fine fiber artistry. Eco-friendly and sustainable, our rugs provide dimension, add texture, and bring stylish chic appeal to any room, all without sacrificing our commitment to leaving the Earth a better place than when we found it.

Join us then, as we continue to elevate the time honored tradition of rugcraft. Choose from any number of our hand selected, fiber specialists approved designs and make it your own down to the very inch. Be creative. Express yourself. Join the conversation.  What will your rug say about you?

Our Fibers

At Natural Rugs, we take pride in sourcing only the highest quality, all natural fibers from around the world. 100% sustainable, our collection of wool, sisal, seagrass, and jute rugs will breathe new life into your favorite room.


Sisal is a species of Agave native to Mexico but widely cultivated and naturalized in countries all over the world. Known for its strength, durability, and low carbon footprint, sisal rugs are perfect for high traffic rooms. Sisal is also naturally static free, making cleanup a breeze. Light vacuuming and loving care is all that’s needed to keep your sisal rug looking sharp for years to come.


For centuries, wool has stood at the forefront of comfort, style, and durability. Simply put, wool rugs are the most exclusive, most treasured, and most highly sought after rugs on the market today. Naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial  and 100% sustainable, expect wool floorcoverings to immediately transform contemporary living spaces.


Native to India and Bangladesh, Jute is an all natural, dense vegetable fiber known for its beautiful sheen and coarse, strong threads. 100% bio-degradable, jute requires little in the way of pesticides or fertilizer. Jute is harvested from the stalk as opposed to the leaves, as in Sisal, and as a result Jute looks and feels softer – much like wool. We’ve seen jute rugs work wonders in home offices or cozy living rooms, making this one of the most versatile fibers we offer.


Seagrass is a marine flowering plant that usually grows in shallow coastal waters. Seagrass is grown in the paddy-like fields outside of China and Vietnam. The plant is harvested by hand, dried, and hand-spun into thin strands which are then woven to make each rug. Seagrass fibers consist of their natural colors of green, beige, yellow, and russet – resulting in hue changes between rolls and rugs.

Ready To Start Designing?