Backorders, Cancellations and Refunds... oh my!

Backorder Policy/Delayed Shipment

In the event you receive a back order notice, remain confident, Natural Rugs is working diligently to ensure your order reaches you as quickly as possible.

All backorders are placed in queue based on their order dates. When the manufacturing materials reach our workroom, the backordered rugs are fabricated and shipped as soon as possible.

Every order is Custom Made – Shipment dates are approximate.

Occasionally, circumstances outside of Natural Rugs’ control prevent the delivery of items on an expected date.  Please call our customer service department @ 877-233-7036 if you do not receive a backorder notice and have not received a tracking number within 2 days of your quoted ship to date.

Please note: Back order items often arrive earlier than their advised delivery dates.

If you elect to cancel a back order item, please review our Cancellation Policy below.


Cancellation Policy

Natural Rugs will honor cancellations made within 48 hours of the initial order placement. Natural Rugs products are Custom Made, we make every effort to produce orders as efficiently as possible. Therefore, a cancellation request received after 48 hours of order placement will not be honored.

If you have specific questions regarding non-cancellable items or our Cancellation Policy please Contact Us: (877) 233-7036 or

If you refuse to accept an item in good condition, you will be charged shipping fees both ways as well as a 50% restocking fee.

Identifying Defective Items: We highly advise our customers to inspect all received materials, keeping in mind a few common irregularities that may appear. The following characteristics should not be considered defects, and will not warrant a return.

Plugs – i.e. fibers that have been tied off during the manufacturing process. Some irregularity in the ribs—some will be closer together, some farther apart.

Slight bowing – We allow up to 2% bowing on Natural Fiber Broadloom Carpet and Bordered Area Rugs. Due to construction and the nature of the fiber, some collections have been given bowing tolerances over 2% and require customer approval before shipping.

Variation in Loop Size – Woven Carpets made of natural fibers may have some irregularity in the yarns, which can create the appearance of a variance in loop size. Variations of either thicker or thinner yarns within 50% of normal are allowed.

Color changes – all natural fibers eventually return to their original colors. Bleached products darken over time, and colored fibers fade. Avoid direct sunlight on natural fiber rugs.

Expansion and contraction – the hydroscopic nature of natural fibers means that they adjust to environmental conditions. They’re constantly moving. If broadloom (wall-to-wall) floor covering is purchased, it should be loose-laid for 24 hours in the room in which it will be installed, and at the temperature it will typically experience. This will let the fibers acclimate to their new surroundings. Customers often try to install carpeting as soon as they get it, only to find that they have to tell the installer to come back 24 hours later. To help avoid this situation, visit The Carpet and Rug Institute website at for a comprehensive view of most issues concerning carpet installation.

Color Variance – Color differences are more significant with natural fibers than with synthetic fibers. Materials from different rolls seldom turn out to be exactly the same color. We recommend ordering a sample if you are uneasy about the color of any of our products.

Natural Rugs bordered area rugs are made from broadloom carpet. Cuts are generally made by the valley of the ribs or along the ‘buried’ thread. Rugs can be slightly out of square due to the natural imperfections of the roll.

Never pull bordered area rugs by the border.

Ribs of pattern can be horizontal or vertical due to the size of the rugs or the material. In some areas backing may not extend to the edges of the rug to achieve exact size.

Return Procedure: Please understand  with all floor coverings, a certain amount of normal wear and tear is expected with use. Natural Rugs will not  accept returns for  products which are damaged or soiled during use.

If your item is damaged during shipping or initially appears defective, please follow the instructions given below to return the item.

Please contact our Customer Service Department by phone, (877) 233-7036, or by email at to receive authorization for your return.

After receiving authorization, you will be given further instructions on how to package your item to ensure that it does not experience any further damage during its return.


Return Policy

Image Quality for Online Products: Natural Rugs makes every effort to ensure the images displayed on our website are as accurate as possible. However, due to differences in monitor settings, we cannot be responsible for variations in color and/or pattern between the actual product and what you see on your computer. To ensure customer satisfaction, we recommend ordering a sample prior to placing a custom rug order. Sample orders will ship immediately via Priority Mail or UPS and should arrive to you within 3-5 business days.

Damaged Items: If you discover your delivered item was damaged during shipping, we offer our sincere apologies for your inconvenience and will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

To ensure the best response from Natural Rugs, we ask  you to:


  • Take a photo of the damage with your cell phone.
  • Acknowledge the damage by writing a short description of the damage on the shipping document
  • Refuse receipt (to keep) an obviously damaged item in the presence of the delivery  person.
  • Notify Natural Rugs immediately


Examples of shipping damage include:

  1. Crushed or severely torn packaging
  2. Obviously torn packaging with dirty rug material showing
  3.  Broken core (rug is obviously bent)

In the unlikely event, you discover damage to a rug after removing the packaging…

Please notify Natural Rugs immediately.  We have no recourse if damage is discovered 3 days after receipt of the product.

If you refuse to accept the delivery of an undamaged item, you will be charged for shipping, restocking, and other associated fees as noted in our Cancellation Policy above.